Professor David A Florence

Professor David Florence brings a combination of business acumen and educational experience to The Oxford Method. He wants as many people as possible to benefit from the combined experience of The Oxford Method’s staff.

Originally a businessman, Professor Florence has an MBA from the University of Southern California where he received a full fellowship in Marketing and New Venture Management. Professor Florence studied the effects of information overload on automotive drivers including highway signage and complex automotive dashboards. Professor Florence did his undergraduate work in Applied Mathematics and Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Professor Florence had the privilege to work with Professor Ivar Lovas at UCLA’s school of Neuropsychiatric Institute. There, Professor Florence got to see the effects of autism on children and their families firsthand. This work inspired Professor Florence to help others that have special needs.

After completing his education, Professor Florence founded Advanced Computer Solutions, CompuStart, and was a founding partner in Louise’s Trattoria. Professor Florence moved from smaller firms to become a leader of business teams at Lucent Technologies, Motorola, Oracle, and Sun Microsystems. He worked on satellite communications solutions, VPNs, WIFI technology, advanced cable modem technology, voice and data networks as well as helped pioneer IMAP4 technologies. Professor Florence was a Senior Vice President at, the first pay-per-click advertising platform. Professor Florence has consulted for many small- to midsized-firms and for the last several years was a partner/director at Stanton Chase International, where he led the SoCal Technology Practice Area.

Since 2014, Professor Florence has taught a myriad of graduate and undergraduate classes at Caltech, CSUN, Pepperdine University, Redlands University, The University of Laverne, UCSB, and USC. Professor Florence was the chairman and organizer of the University of Southern California Global Innovation Conference in 2018. This conference had over 500 attendees and over 150 speakers including Nolan Bushnell, JD Power, as well as the COO of Warner Bros, CEO of Fox Studios, CEO of LegalZoom, WebMD, Belkin International, and many more VIP innovators. Professor Florence has lectured on Business, Calculus, Chemistry, Engineering, History, Innovation, Leadership, Marketing, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Statistics, Strategy, Public Speaking, Test Taking and more.

Professor Florence has also been the SVP of Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer of, a leader in online education working with major universities.

Professor Florence enjoys teaching, tutoring, and building businesses. He is an audiophile, computer nerd, fountain pen & headphone collector, and Sci-Fi fanatic. Professor Florence focuses his energy on education. He likes to say that “Education is the greatest gift one can give to the next generation… and education is the great equalizer.” Professor Florence lives in New York with his Min Pin, Pretzel, usually sitting by his side.